Visualizing Your Data Story: From Analytics to Persuasive Presentations

April 12, 2017 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET.

Numbers, pie charts, percentages, graphs — if you’re already bored, your prospects probably are, too. Without the right narrative to hold it together, even the most compelling data is a total snoozefest. But when you visualize that data? That’s a totally different story.

On Wednesday April 12th, join Infogram’s Marisa Krystian for a deep-dive into how visual storytelling and data analytics are the perfect pair to make your next presentation even more persuasive. You’ll discover why creating an airtight approach to presenting data will help you expand your sales and marketing pipeline. You’ll find out how weaving together impressive numbers with powerful messaging is the most impactful way to hook your audience and keep them engaged. You’ll also learn:

You will learn:

How to make data-centric presentations more engaging with visual storytelling

How to use data visualization to persuade prospects and close more deals

How to leverage analytics to strengthen your sales pitch and make it more memorable

When you connect your data with visual storytelling, your pitch will never be uninspired again — and neither will your audience. The webinar starts at 10AM PDT/ 1PM EST, so register today!

Featured Speaker

Marisa Krystian

Marisa Krystian is the Content Marketing Manager at Infogram. She previously worked as a Broadcast Journalist for IBTimes in New York covering two of the things she’s most passionate about: science and technology. She is now back in her home state of California writing about the wild world of data visualization and data storytelling.

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