The Big Narrative: How to Communicate a Disruptive Message

Whether you're trying to influence your boss, secure more funding, or disrupt your industry, you need a killer story. As Plato once said, those who tell the stories rule the world. But even when you have a big story to tell, or are working on something new, different, and disruptive, trying to change how people think, feel, and behave can leave you feeling lost in translation.

When it comes to becoming a business storytelling expert, provocative, easy-to-implement tips can make for a dramatically more persuasive presentation. They can help you discover how to describe innovation, change, and transformation -- without putting your audience into fight or flight resistance.

Join narrative strategist, storytelling expert, and TEDx speaker, Michael Margolis, for a webinar focused on how to best communicate disruptive ideas through story. You'll learn:

How to frame your message to get 90% of the room on your side

How to find your bigger story --- no matter how technical or complex the topic

10 common storytelling mistakes to avoid when delivering high-stakes presentations

How to turn your presentations into dynamic conversations that come alive

Plus, Michael will share a specific 3-step sequence used by many of Silicon Valley’s top leaders to deliver incredible presentations, including executives from Airbnb, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Genentech, NASA, Greenpeace, and the Dalai Lama Fellows. Watch now!

Featured Speaker

Mike Margolis

Michael Margolis is a Narrative Strategist, 2x TEDx speaker, cultural anthropologist, and renowned #Storytelling expert on Twitter with 250,000 followers. Michael is CEO of Get Storied, an advisory firm serving Silicon Valley icons, corporate intrapreneurs, and anyone changing the world. He speaks at conferences around the world, including for Google, SXSW, Etsy, Ariba, Productized, and CMX. The son of an inventor and toy designer, Michael is fascinated with how to translate ideas into cultural acceptance. His work has been featured in Fast Company, TIME, Brandweek, NPR, and Inc Magazine. Michael is a recovering nomad, having taught and lived in 15 countries and 4 continents; now at home in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is left-handed, color-blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human.

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