Pitch Anything with Oren Klaff
September 13, 2017 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET

You’ve probably heard the old catch-phrases: “he could sell ice to an Eskimo,” or “she could get a lady in white gloves to buy ketchup.” And while a natural knack for selling is an enviable talent, talents aren’t really something you can mimic. Thankfully, you can develop some serious skills in the selling department -- especially with a little help from a bonafide expert.

On Wednesday September 13th, join the infamous Oren Klaff: keynote speaker, global sales guru, and author of Pitch Anything, for a live webinar based on the lessons, methods, and key takeaways from his daily interactions with big-time, billion-dollar clients. His tightly-honed sales methodology can be applied to nearly all business meetings and business-to-business selling. Whether it’s your entire company that you’re putting on the market, or your most important products and services, what Oren has learned can help you close your next deal.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get buyers to pay attention to you, and the common mistakes even experienced executives make
  • How to understand what buyers are thinking and how to hold their attention (especially while discussing numbers, features, ROI)
  • How to bring buyers gently but firmly into your way of thinking, to ensure that they’ll do business with you

Plus, Oren will share key learnings from his journey to the top of the sales leadership mountain. The webinar starts at 10AM PDT/ 1PM EST, so register today!

Featured Speaker

Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff is the author of Pitch Anything and a busy Investment Banker. He sells in high stakes situations, where yes or no really matter, and lives life in meetings and phone calls where decisions are made that impact hundreds of lives and where ten million dollars can seem within grasp, then just as quickly, disappear. On one day he may be helping software company sell for $50 million, on another, helping a Fortune 500 like Symantec create a presentation for their newest big data product suite. Oren has developed a method over time that has proven robust and reliable in every type of selling situation. Especially when the stakes are high and there's no time to learn on the job, in situations where where winging it hardly ever works.

As Oren has said many times: Better method, more money. Much better method, much more money. Get in touch with Oren and his team at

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